Third Issue Mentor for Africa: Challenges and chances


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Today, we like to inroduce Clement Enoch Robert . He comes from Nigeria and did his B. Agr. (Hons) Second class division in Agricultural Economics at University of Maiduguri, Borno state.

Clement Enoch Robert:
Having paid close attention to my surrounding, I observed that so many things have shift from their original look, and a quite number of this dynamic occurances took place so rapidly. Notwithstanding, others are still maintaining their regular and permanent position with little or no shift.

-In every society, Education is the major catalyst of development and transformation as it encompasses our lives. And being the foundation for sustainable growth is one major area that requires urgent and careful attention in my society. It’s seriously moving to the background, with militate factors as; inadequate learning materials, minimum standard infrastructure, high students to teacher ratio, among others not mention form the bulk of the problem. Having a class with a quite large number of students to be attended by a single teacher, observing practicals with few learning materials are all very pathetic issues that need tackling in time, and those with the passion for academic excellence needed to be motivated.


Some of the natural resources
we use daily are going on decrease gradually, one of this is the trees that are widely use as fuel wood day in and out, manifesting serious and clear act of deforestation, which is posing serious threat on our environment, when trees are removed en masse, the species living in that area lose their natural habitats, and some are not able to survive the change. The biodiversity is therefore gradually decreasing.


Ever growing population
is what we are experiencing everyday also, this leads us to competing on little available resources at our disposition daily, on the bases of some  of our belief, we keep reproducing and increasing in number year in-year out, but the question is, do we have the available resources to cater for this ever growing population?  Is a serious challenge that needs attention. In line with increase birth rate, disease outbreak always hang by the side, the most common and of concern being the polio that cripple many children in our society and also HIV/AIDS that have killed so many adults than children, studies have shown that “half of the world’s population of 6.3 billion people are under the age of 25” which HIV contributed a lot, therefore, addressing the critical challenges facing this ever growing generation in history is an urgent priority if social and economic development effort are to succeed and the AIDS pandemic is to be reversed.

Vast fields of land

are left uncultivated; therefore engaging oneself in efficient utilization of this natural body through agricultural production can be of great advantage. Even though Agriculture goes with the new technology of the modern world, the peasant and rural farmers can hardly comply with the requirement of current trends and latest modern technological advances in agriculture (mechanization, use of high yielding varieties, application of inputs and weather forecast compliance) among others. Key role in awareness and aid dissemination can go a long way.


Agricultural extension and farm management services
on a commercial bases form part of the most lucrative business currently. Considering the growing interest in farming by many people especially the wealthy ones, to engage in less practice areas of farming which is mainly a high capital base venture as; fish farming, piggery, quills poultry farm, and other economic trees like moringa and plants like sorrel . Majority of those willing to engage have little or no managerial and technical know-how to run the business, and some vital information needed as; product planning, cost of business inception, sales timing and many others are of paramount importance, this put some in fear and doubt as to implement the business and some running it at lost due to lack of information, this Is of great concern and also an avenue to create wealth. This motive is particularly necessary because farmers outnumber available extension workers, in our society, considering the World Bank current ratio of “between 1:800 and 1:1000” is grossly inadequate. Extension education is functional rather than formal, therefore developmental trainings and training of model farmers can be a great success through extension, and also transforming the small scale subsistence agriculture into an extensive and business oriented one with food security assured and rural development.