House of Mentors

Corporate Purpose

Advancement of the education, national- and vocational education, including assistance to students, mainly with regard to economic questions during the transition between the generations and towards a professional career, as well as the encouragement of civil engagement in favour of the afore-mentioned non-profit purpose.

Another corporate purpose is the promotion of an international orientation, of tolerance in all cultural areas including the dealings with one another in the business world and concerning the thoughts on international understanding.

The Company pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes in the sense of the regulations of the clause “tax-deductible purposes / steuerbegünstigte Zwecke” of the General Fiscal Law.

The Company operates selflessly and does not primarily pursue its own financial interests.

For the long-term realisation of our projects (e.g. this Website, Auf die Socken, fertig, los!„, Mentoren-Events,  Migration als ChanceMentoren für Afrika .

We kindly ask for your highly welcome donations.

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