Monthly Challenge 2012/13 for Students


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During the school year 2012/13 Mentoring4u – the vocational education initiative of ConActivity KG – sets up a monthly competition „Junge Redaktion“

Students from all types of schools grades 9 to 13 as well as students from Universities who enjoy writing, telling stories or writing poetry are invited to join. The topic is determined by you. Surely the topic will be about the future, jobs and opportunities – all topics concerning you and the world today.

the text is written by you and we will publish it immediately on .
Please do write a text no one will forget!

your text will reach a good review on the website if you send your article in as soon as possible. We will publish it immediately on .

Young Writers will win!
The price is a combination of stars and the judgment of the jury (40:60). The author receiving the most stars on his/her article published on has a good chance to win, but be reminded of the jury.

What can you win?
Our partners, the HR consulting ConActivity will assign the monthly winner with a potential analysis “ Young Career „. We will analyse the winners and find out the profession fitting them the best. At the same tome we will be looking for a mentor and a suitable internship.

Your Text and the Text Language
the file should have the length of about one half to one page DIN A4 (4,500 characters). You can write in German, English, French, Turkish, and Spanish or in any other language and send it to:

with good pictures you will have a good chance. The photos should show you and not the faces of others. The images can be either painted or photographed.

during the following months, your new article must arrive always until the 15th. The voting will run until the last day of the month.

(Project: Y. Tutucu, intern | Imaging & Thumb: C. Amrhein)