Hussein Hassanin, Cairo, Egypt: The future for our young people: problems and solutions:


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*We are aware that the problem of the future of young people is something that may seem impossible. But this should not take us to the resignation and inaction. The principle of personal responsibility and the ability of each person are inalienable values.

chanting for better life in Egypt

The younger generation suffering from the four letter words (neet) wors, which is (not education, employment, and training)..

*We can see it in the current economic crisis, which makes us fear for our future and for the future generations.  The young live intensely the current crisis. Links with the family are crucial to many of them in these times. But the big problem of youngsters is without doubt the difficulty of finding work. One of every two young people(other countries one of every five) looking for work can’t find it and is unemployed, situation which affects more than 50% of this group, a terrifying number. For our young people, it is very difficult to get credit to start an activity or to buy a home and become independent and found a family, because they cannot provide warranties that are asked for.

*Some young people do not hesitate immigrate to countries where they can work. This, which is a solution for those who live it, is without doubt a notable loss for the country, because those who leave are often those who are most ready and could make a greater contribution to our society

*indeed, some countries suffered from the deliberate deindustrialization pursued by some governments in early 1980s, 1990s.. Whole swaths of manufacturing industry disappeared.. There used to be proper apprenticeships for young people, in engineering, textiles, mining, shipbuilding and other industries, but now mant of them disappeared.

Business leaders talk of a skills shortage, when they actually caused it themselves by not training a new generation of youngsters. They preferred to put short-term profit before the long-term interests of their own businesses.

Some other business men transferring manufacturing to the far east on cost grounds, in this cases it will never solve employment problems.

Solutions:  *some experts suggest some ideas to help the younger people: …….

Link to Part 2: Solutions

(Guest author: Hussein Hassanin, Cairo, Egypt  / Picture: Hussein Hassanin)