Lampedusa a synonym for fortune?


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Lampedusa stands only as a synonym. Each young African, man or woman, having the chance to discuss his/her personal goals with executive managers in the area economics, politics and culture, saves his or her parent’s money for an education on location. Any young person, not taking the dangerous way across the Mediterranean Sea and staying in his or her country, in order to make a career there, on a long-term basis also supports his or her country’s economy.

„Executive Managers donate their time starting this St. Martin’s Day Week“
We asked our mentors to do this on the basis of one to one (1:1)-talks for at least one hour each and beyond with students from african universities.

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Target group
We are looking for students – male and female – who want to inform themselves concerning their vocational training.

Technical precondition
for the participation is

  • internet connection,
  • a personal computer (PC) as well as
  • „Skype“ (a telephone program via internet) or
  • telephone

Professional precondition

  • Students still studying
  • interested in information by executive managers


  • English,
  • French,
  • Arab or
  • German

Of each student a curriculum vitae is needed, which shall be no longer than a ¾ page as well as the subject he or she is interested in. We would also need to know in which language he or she wants to communicate with “his or her” mentor. It is of course impossible for us to find a mentor with the individual language skills for each area of interest.

On this Basis, House of Mentors / Haus der Mentoren gemeinnützige GmbH will then decide on the mentor suitable for the mentee on a longer term as well. The Idea is to get sustainable 1:1 face to face Mentor-Tandems for the future.

Participation Conditions
Each student wanting to participate has to write an article about his or her motivation on why he or she studies and also where as well as which goals he or she wants to reach in the future. This written text will be published on our website and serves as an experience report for our and may be your readers as well.

The project corresponds with the demands of our non-profit organisation „Haus der Mentoren gemeinnützige GmbH
Get in contact with us:

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